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What is Easily App?

Easily App is an accessibility tool that assists people in reading online by choosing, increasing and changing the font, highlighting and underlining the paragraph, and with the voice over option where they can hear the text.  

What is the difference between the Chrome Extension and Web Accessibility?

The Chrome Extension App allows individual users to navigate any website they want and read its contents. The Web Accessibility app is easily applied to websites making them more accessible to users. It is intended to companies and organizations. 

What is Easily App Combo?

With Easily App Combo, Education organizations, Companies, Government Institutions, and Media Outlets, they can combine both of our products for optimal accesibility offered to their users. The Web Accessibility App for their websites and the Chrome Extension App for their students and employees. Contact us at to obtain a quote based on your needs.

Can I order a Chrome Extension App for a group of students or empoyees?

Of cource you can! Just let us know how many accounts you need and we can issue a quote. Contact us at

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Easily App assists people with reading difficulties to have a smooth online reading experience.

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