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3asyR helps your audience with
reading difficulties to read easily your content.

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Video Introduction

3asyR, which actually means easier, is a web application that helps dyslexics and other people with reading difficulties to have an easier and better online reading experience.

Time Saving

We offer faster reading with better comprehension. Users can't lose their line.

Customised Experience

Each user can choose the color, the font style, the font size and the voice they like.

Make them Happy

The users can read at their own pace without feeling stressed for the reading process.

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How it all started

There are more than 700 million dyslexics on the planet and many more with other kinds of learning disabilities, some of which have not yet been perfectly identified. Being a dyslexic herself, the founder of 3asyR, Maria Tsiana, always struggled with reading, which discouraged her from reading for many hours any books in and outside school, mainly due to the fact that she needed to put double the effort. After many attempts to improve her reading skills, she discovered that by highlighting or underlining the text word by word or sentence by sentence made it much easier. But what happens when we read online, which appears to be our main source of information nowadays?
That’s how the idea of 3asyR was born.

Why Choose Us

The tool with which your audience can engage and enjoy a relaxing and effortless online reading

Reach your Audience

As 10-20% of the global population are dyslexics, the number of users will increase, because all these people can have an opportunity to read easier online.

    Make Royal Users

    Your website will become more user-friendly and people with dyslexia and other reading difficulties will engage with your content and relate better to it.

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      The world needs people like you. Invest in your Corporate Social Responsibility and let's make together online content accesible to everyone.

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        700 € / Year

        • 15 days trial included
        • Up to 10,000 website's
          unique users/month
        • 1 Voice available
        • If you are interested for more than one website contact us

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        3,000 € / Year

        • 15 days trial included
        • Up to 3,000,000 website's
          unique users/month
        • 5 Voices available
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        7,000 € / Year

        • 15 days trial included
        • Unlimited website's
          unique users/month
        • 21 Voices available
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