A more productive and faster way to read online

Easily App assists people with reading difficulties to have a smooth online reading experience.


We provide three afortable services

What we offer

Faster Reading With Better Comprehension
Customized Experience

Customized Experience

Each user can choose the color, the font style and size and the voice they like.

Save Time

Save Time

We offer speedy reading with better understanding. Users can’t skip a line and they are more focused on text. 

Make People Happy

Make People Happy

The users can read at their own pace without feeling pressured by the reading process.

How it works

Select and save your options, then go to the text and click on the first word to enable your choices and start reading. Your entire paragraph has your options applied and words get highlighted as you move along the words and lines with the cursor. Move onto next paragraph in the same way. Voice-over tool is also optional to hear your marks.

Beneficial for All.

Make your website accessible to your audience with our Web Accessibility App and let your students and employees be more productive with the Chrome Extension App.


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