”Our main priority is to make the online reading experience on any electronic device easy and more fun”

Founder Story

There are more than 700 million dyslexics on the planet and many more with other kinds of learning disabilities, some of which have not yet been perfectly identified.

The Founder, Maria Tsiana, who is dyslexic, always struggled with reading, which discouraged her from reading for many hours any books in and outside school, mainly because she needed to put double the effort. After many attempts to improve her reading skills, she discovered that highlighting or underlining the text word by word or sentence by sentence made it much more manageable. But what happens when we read online, which appears to be our primary source of information nowadays?

That’s how the idea of Easily App was born.

Easily App is the re-branding of the product 3asyR, which has been in development since 2014. After a decade of dedication and hard work, Maria decided to relaunch the product with upgraded features and a new name.

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