3asyR in the newsrooms!

Could 3asyR be useful in the newsrooms? Actually, yes! The Global Editors Network selected 3asyR as a startup that can accelerate the newsrooms. According to the report published by GEN, 3asyR constitutes a tool that can bring innovation into newsrooms. 3asyR can help journalists with dyslexia or any other kind of reading difficulty read online content more easily and faster, as well as a process more effectively online information when they are working on a story.

The report divides the 30 startups into 8 different categories: visual and interactive journalism, mobile journalism, artificial intelligence services, information gathering, analytics, monetization, delivery and personalization. 3asyR is in the personalization category, as it offers more customized options so that the user can adjust the tool to his/her needs.

Also, 3asyR can be launched on the websites of the news media so that it can become more accessible to the readers. Recently 3asyR has been launched on the APE-MPE website.

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