Best Wep App award

It was the beginning of May 2014, when in a conversation with my friend Kyros Voyatzoglou, a marketing expert, I mentioned an idea about an online tool that would help dyslexics read easily. He got interested and suggested I should take part in a  competition that was taking place a few days after.

It was the first time I stood in front of an audience. The first pitch was at the Coho – the coworking home- in Thessaloniki, where the Start-Up contest took place. The feedback was immediate and positive.

I was quite emotional and stressed, considering that 3asyR is an application for learning disabilities and people who struggle with reading and memorizing things, just like me.

With precious help from Mara Tsoumari and Christina Avdikou, who helped me streamline and present my idea, on the 4th of March 2014, 3asyR won the prize for best web app at the Thessaloniki Start-up Live competition.

That’s how it all started and with every step forward I am so thankful for the opportunity I was given and to my entire team for believing in the idea.

Mary Tsiana

Founder & CEO

Easily App assists people with reading difficulties to have a smooth online reading experience.


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